When it comes to military and veteran home buyers, every real estate agent is not created equal.

Sure, all agents can help with finding properties, scheduling showings and assisting with the closing process, but they’re not all familiar with the unique nuances that come with a military or veteran purchase. Nor are they experienced with serving the very specific needs of this buyer segment.

The truth is, for a military member or veteran looking to buy a home, the best option is an agent with deep experience in the military market – one who’s helped hundreds of other similar clients find a home, relocate for a Permanent Change of Station and close their VA loan without issue.

Are you a military member or veteran in hopes of buying a home in 2018? Here’s why you’ll want a military-experienced agent on your side the every step of the way:

They know the VA loan process – and they know VA lenders.

In most cases, a VA loan is the best, most affordable mortgage choice for a military member or veteran. Not only do they come with low rates, but they require no down payment, few closing costs, and they have looser underwriting standards, making them easier to come by despite potential credit misgivings.

Unfortunately, most real estate agents aren’t familiar with the VA loan process – and many may even believe common myths that they’re too time-consuming, too much of a hassle or just not worth the time. They may even encourage vets to steer clear of the VA loan altogether.

An agent who understand the VA loan process knows it’s the best bet for their client – and it’s they’re right to these benefits. They also know how to make the process go smoothly and efficiently, and they know how to handle the more stringent appraisal and inspection process that a VA loan requires. They may even be able to recommend knowledgeable VA lenders who can care for their clients just as well as they do.

They understand the PCS and relocation process.

Military-experienced agents are also very familiar with the military PCS and relocation process – as well as the tight deadlines and limitations that come along with it. They understand that the buyer may not be able to attend showings, sign paperwork in person or even see the home with their own eyes before buying it.

As such, they’re willing to go the extra mile to help their military buyers find the property they need. They’ll typically tour homes on their clients’ behalf, even using video chat to show them the property digitally from across the country. They will also assist with other relocation needs, like setting up utilities, finding furniture and gathering info about local schools and employment opportunities.

All in all, they’re ready and willing to serve as the buyer’s eyes and ears while they – and their family – prepare to make the military-ordered relocation from afar on a tight timeline.

They understand the veteran’s unique needs and requirements.

Many military members and veterans have specific needs and preferences based on their time in service – or their physical condition as a result of their service. Whether their client is dealing with an injury or disability or a more complicated issue like PTSD, military-experienced agents know how to help vets and military members find properties that meet their unique needs and limitations.

They’re also well-versed in veteran housing assistance. If a person is having trouble finding funding or covering their rent or mortgage payment, the agent can point them toward the right resources to help.

They know approved VA properties.

If the buyer is using a VA loan on a condo or townhome, that property will need to be officially approved by the VA. Most agents will be unfamiliar with which properties are approved or not approved, while a military-experienced one can point buyers toward VA-approved listings from the very start. This can save valuable time and effort over the long haul.

Need Military Experience? You Need Claus

At the Claus Team, we’re deeply experienced in the military market. We’ve helped hundreds of veterans and military members find homes that meet their unique needs and preferences, while also connecting them with qualified VA lenders who are equally as experienced.

If you’re a military member or vet looking to buy a home in 2018, give the Claus Team a call today. We’re here to help you and your family every step of the way.