Many people assume that when you buy a home, you have to commit to staying in it for decades … maybe even your whole life! While there are certainly some families that do that, a long-term stay definitely isn’t necessary for buying a home.

In fact, even if you just plan on staying put for a few years or less, purchasing a property can still be a great idea for your family and your finances.

Sure, your mortgage may be a 15-year or 30-year mortgage, but that gets sold off when you sell the house. It doesn’t mean you have to stay in the property for three decades! In truth, very few homeowners actually do.

Are you making a move in the near future, but not sure how long you’ll stay put? Are you waffling between renting and buying, and unsure which is the best fit for your family? Here are just a few reasons why buying a home is almost always the better option:

  1. It helps your credit. The biggest benefit to buying a home is that it helps with your credit. Having a mortgage and paying it on time, every month for many years can do wonders for your credit score, making it easier for you to secure loans, get credit cards, buy a car and more. You’ll also have a higher credit score at the end, which means buying another house will be even easier down the line!
  2. You can make your home your own. Renting may be an easier process up front, but it also means you’re stuck living in someone else’s home for years. You can’t paint, you can’t renovate, and you can’t really even decorate without getting into trouble. Don’t you want a place you can make your own? A place where you can measure your kids’ growth on the wall, install that new fan you’ve been eyeing or just decorate and paint to your heart’s content? Then buying a house is definitely the way to go.
  3. It can save you money. In the long run, renting is always more expensive than buying. After all, your landlord needs to pay the mortgage, cover the home insurance, pay property taxes and have money for repairs and maintenance. On top of that, he or she has to make a profit, too! Even if the difference in your monthly payments is just $100 a month, think of how much that will add up over the next few years. Do you really want to spend $1,200 more annually? Most likely, you could use that money toward much more important things – like your kid’s college fund, a family vacation or even just a general savings account.
  4. It can make you money. Another great thing about buying a home is that in the end, you get to SELL it. And if you’ve taken care of the property, upgraded it or even renovated parts of it, then you can actually stand to make money once all is said and done. Choose your home carefully (pick a great neighborhood) and time your sale right (watch home values and the local market!), and you could even make tens of thousands more than you spent up front. Just imagine what you could do with that extra cash!
  5. It can make you feel more at home. Even if you are just staying in a city for a year or two, do you really want to always feel like an outsider? Like you’re never really home – just idling by as you wait for your next work assignment or move to come about? Buying a property can give you that home base you’re craving – somewhere you and your family members can put down roots (however temporary they may be) and enjoy life in your new city for even just a few years.

Are you making a move to the Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge, Universal City or San Antonio area, but not sure how long you’ll be staying? Buying a home is still likely the better choice than renting – both for your finances and your family.

Do you want advice on the local homebuying and rental markets to know for sure? Do you need help buying or renting the perfect home in your new town? The Claus Team can help. Just call us today, and we’ll pull personalized property listings that meet your budget, needs and preferences right away. Let’s get started!

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