No child wants to start at a new school in the middle of year. Leaving in the middle of academic units, missing tests and quizzes and coming into a class mid-curriculum can be pretty academically challenging – even for the most studious of kids.

But on top of being a serious academic hurdle, transferring schools mid-year is also socially hard. They’re forced to leave their friends and favorite teachers, and they’re stuck trying to form bonds with kids who have spent months together and already have best friends, study buddies and other class favorites. It can be an uphill battle to say the least.

If you want your child to have a smooth transition into a new school, your best bet is to move in the summer and ensure you’re well settled by the time August rolls around. Doing so not only helps your child have a better school year (both socially and academically) but it also:

  • Gives you plenty of time to find the right place. The summer real estate market is very competitive. It’s not uncommon for a home to get 4, 5 or even more bids within just a few days of hitting the market. That being said, it can be pretty difficult to get a home in the summer months. You may find one you love, but by the time you put in an offer, you’ve been outbid and it’s been taken off the market already! By selling your home and starting your search now, you give yourself plenty of time to fight the summer bidding battle – long before your little ones have to head back to school.
  • Helps you get better settled before school starts. You don’t want to still be unpacking boxes and moving out of your old place when the first day of school comes around. When August is here, your child should be able to fully focus on their studies – not whether their dresser is unpacked or their favorite sweaters have arrived with the movers yet. Selling your home and starting the home search now gives you ample time to not only purchase your new place, but also get moved and settled in, too. That benefits both you and your children!
  • Get a great price for your home. Like we said, summer is a busy season. Just like you, other parents are looking to get moved and settled in before August, and that higher demand means you can get a lot more for your home than you could in other times of the year. By prepping and putting your home on the market now, you can ensure your listing is primed and ready once those summer shoppers come looking. Then, once the bidding starts, you and your realtor can focus on getting the absolute best, most lucrative deal possible. It’s a win-win for the whole family.
  • Get a better realtor. Since the summer real estate season is so hectic, realtors are in high demand from June through August. People are looking for help buying, selling and even investing in homes, and it can mean there are slim pickings if you wait too long to hire yours. If you want the best results from your home sale (and you want to find a great new home to replace it long before August hits!), then starting early is key. You’ll want to get in touch with a qualified real estate agent now – not later. Once the hot season starts, most of the best ones will be taken, and that never bodes well for a buyer or a seller!

Selling your home is difficult – and so is finding a new one. Start early so you can take your time, prepare your family and take advantage of the busy summer market as best you can. Then, by the time that August start date rolls around, your kids will be more than ready to head to school, make new friends and see the academic success you know they can.

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