For most people, unpacking is the absolute worst part of a move. It’s tedious, it’s boring and it takes weeks or even months to complete!

Throw in the physical labor and effort it takes, and unpacking is even more of a burden.

Fortunately, we’ve seen thousands of homeowners make the leap from old home to new, and we’ve picked up on a few tips and tricks that can make unpacking just a little bit more tolerable. Want to avoid a lengthy unpacking process and make your move as easy as possible? Try these tips on for size:

  • Color code by room – One of the worst parts of unpacking is trying to figure out where everything goes. What room should I set this box in? Where in the house does this bag go? Instead of just piling everything in a hallway and sorting through it later, make unloading your boxes easy from the get-go by using a handy color coding system. Assign each room in the house with a specific color, and for each box and bag you pack, attach a colored sticky note to announce which room it belongs in. You can also use colored Sharpie markers to draw on each box or bag – whichever is easiest for you!
  • Label everything – On top of color coding your boxes and bags, also make sure to label each one of them with detailed info on what’s inside, too. As you’re piling dishes into your blue-labeled kitchen box, take a marker and write down everything you’re putting in on the box itself – mugs, plates, bowls, spoons, whatever it may be. If you’re packing a lot into one box or bag, you can also make a separate list on a piece of paper or notecard and tape it to the box instead. This will allow you to make longer, more detailed lists.
  • Plan out your moving truck – There’s nothing worse than tripping over boxes and bags as you bring in more loads from the moving van. The best way to prevent this? Plan how you’ll load your moving truck from the very beginning. Items that will go in the furthest reaches of the house should be loaded last, so they’re the first thing you grab when you arrive at your new home. Items that go in the front parts of the house? Those should go in the back of your truck, so they’re the very last thing you pull out. This keeps them from blocking your pathway to other areas of the house while you’re unloading.
  • Keep must-have items in a separate area – Chances are you’re not going to unpack everything you own as soon as you move in. In fact, it will probably take weeks or even months before you’re fully done! In the meantime however, you’re going to need some things – clothes, toiletries, towels, certain electronics, etc.. Instead of packing these away in the depths of boxes and forcing yourself to dig through them as soon as you arrive, stow must-have items in a different area. Use duffle bags to keep a few weeks of clothing for each family member, and take important electronics, bedding and toiletries with you in the car, rather than stowing them in the moving van.
  • Use garbage bags for clothing – Clothes are often the most time-consuming part of unpacking. You have to grab them from the box, shake them out, hunt down a hanger and then finally, put them in the closet. Why not skip all these steps and just pack them already on the hanger? To do this, simply get a kitchen-sized garbage bag and poke a hole in the very center of the bottom. Slip this over 10 to 20 hangers of clothing in your closet, slide the bag down, and tie it off at the bottom. Do this until all your clothes are covered, and load them in the moving van as is. Then, once you arrive at your new place, all you have to do is hang the bagged items, tear the plastic off, and voila! Your closet is done and ready.

Don’t let unpacking get you down. Moving is an exciting time, and with these handy tips, you can make unpacking easier, faster and less of a headache. Want more help with your family’s move? Need to find a new home that meets your budget and preferences? Contact a real estate agent at The Claus Team today. We’re here to help every step of the way.

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