Selling your home isn’t as easy as just adding it to the MLS. Though that is a huge step in the process, before you can even get to that point, you need to make sure your property is primed and ready first.

Otherwise, what’s the point?

Putting a home on the market that’s just going to disappoint buyers isn’t going to get you anywhere. It will sit stagnant for months, and you may even have to lower your asking price significantly just to get noticed. It’s a lose-lose situation for everybody.

If you’re considering putting your home on the market, don’t jump in without a little work first. Before you go calling an agent and listing your home for sale, make sure you tackle these hugely important projects first:

  • Repainting – This goes for both inside and outside your property. If you see any chips, scrapes, scuffs or marks, you will definitely want to repaint before putting your home on the market. Peeling paint on the outside of your home, on the shutters or on the front door are the quickest routes to ruining your curb appeal, so be sure to tackle those first. You can even consider updating the color to something bolder and more current; it can make your home stand out from the pack.
  • System repairs – Is your AC not working as well as it used to? Does your shower leak or the toilet in the bathroom not work? Do the lights flicker in the garage? Fixing any systemic problems – issues with your HVAC, plumbing or electricity – should always be at the top of your list before selling your home. These are must-have amenities in a property, and if a home inspector finds issue with any of them, you can bet it will send potential buyers running for the hills.
  • Landscaping and lawn care – Curb appeal plays a big role in how quickly a home sells and how much buyers are willing to pay for it. If you want your home to sell fast and at a price you desire, then invest a little time and effort into your yard first. Trim your trees, plant a few flowers and call in a pro to mow, trim and weed-eat the grass. If you can, have them come out weekly to keep it in tip-top condition the entire time your home’s on the market. You can also have a landscaping crew come out and add a little pizzazz to your yard – maybe amp up your garden, add some decorative bricks or rocks, or install a fountain. Every little bit counts with curb appeal.
  • Pest treatment – Have you seen lots of ants in the yard? Spiders in the house? Maybe you even heard a squirrel or raccoon in the attic? Don’t think you can fool your buyers or trick them into taking on the problem themselves. Chances are, their home inspector will discover the issue, and you’ll have to cut down your asking price just to keep those buyers interested. Nip issues like this in the bud by calling in a professional pest control team from the get-go.
  • Fence repairs – Your fence is a crucial part of your property. Not only does it ensure privacy, but it also keeps out neighbors, pests and other unwanted nuisances. It’s also vital if you or your home’s future owners have outdoor pets – pets they don’t want to get out, lost or stolen. If you’re listing your home, take some time to evaluate your fence, both for aesthetic and structural issues. If it’s worn or faded, consider giving it a new coat of stain and a little refresh. If pickets are missing, broken or leaning, call in a pro to make some repairs or even replace it altogether. You can be sure a potential buyer is going to want a beautiful, intact fence before they agree to move in, so give it to them!

If you’re considering listing your home in the near future, don’t do it without first tackling these all-important repairs and projects. They’ll help you improve your curb appeal, impress buyers and get the full asking price you think your property warrants.

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