Here in the Hill Country, some things are pretty close together. It’s incredibly easy to drive just a mile down the road and find yourself in a completely different city, town or even county – and not even know it!

That’s because the Hill Country has a feel to it. Smaller, closer knit and a little more scenic than most other parts of Texas, it truly is its own animal.

But that doesn’t mean every Hill Country town is exactly the same. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Just take the cities we handle real estate in, for example. Selma, Schertz, Garden Ridge and Cibolo may be close to each other on the map, but they’re not the same by any means. Each one offers its own unique flair – a different personality, a different type of population and a different set of advantages to the people who live there.

Are you considering a move to the Texas Hill Country? Not sure which local town is your best bet? Then let’s take a look at what makes the communities we serve unique in their own rights.

Situated right along I-35, Selma is a small town with just over 5,000 residents. But while it’s small, it’s also home to some of the area’s biggest attractions, like the Retama Racing Park and The Forum, one of the region’s top shopping destinations. The town has blossomed in the last decade or so, with the population growing more than 600 percent since 2000 alone. Most residents are families with a median household income of around $62,000.

Schertz is one of the bigger communities in the area, with more than 34,000 residents to its name. It’s also home to a very close-knit community that boasts monthly events like jazz festivals, the Fourth of July Jubilee, SchertzFest, the Festival of Angels and so much more. It’s known for its very family-friendly atmosphere – so much so that CNN Money even named it as the No. 1 place to live in the U.S. a few years back.  Safewise also rated it one of the 50 safest cities in the entire state in both 2013 and 2015.

Garden Ridge
Definitely on the wealthier end of the spectrum, Garden Ridge is home to sprawling, spacious estates and a small population of just 3,200 people. Kids in the area attend schools in Comal ISD, a district deemed “recognized” by the Texas Education Agency in 2009. The median family income in the area is about $92,000, and most new homes in the city are custom built and designed.

Population-wise, Cibolo is right smack dab in the middle, with around 15,000 residents living in the city limits. Those numbers are on the uptick though; the city’s seen a more than 400-percent jump in population since the 2010 census, and the town just keeps growing. The big must-see in the area is Cibolo Creek, with offers a great spot to fish, swim and cool off in the summer. Household incomes in Cibolo are a little higher than average, with families earning about $65,000 a year. Students attend schools in the highly acclaimed Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District.

Universal City
With over 18,000 people, Universal City is on the bigger side of the area’s “small” towns. Many of its residents are military members (or family over military members), thanks to its close proximity to Randolph Air Force Base. It’s also home to a public library, a golf course, several parks and fun, family-friendly events like “Movies in the Moonlight.” Households in the area are mostly a mix of families and married couples, though more than a quarter of the population identifies as single.


Want to Move to Selma, Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge or Universal City?

Every city is a little bit different, so if you’re thinking of moving to the area, be sure to check each individual town out for yourself. Drive the streets, scope out the local amenities, and see which neighborhoods suit you, your household and your finances best. You never know – your dream home could be waiting for you in one of them.

Do you want more hands-on help determining which Hill Country town is best for you? Need help touring the area or looking for properties that make your budget, needs or preferences? Then just call the Claus Team. We’re experts in the area, and we can help you find the perfect home, in the perfect city, at the perfect price. Simply call us today to get started.