If selling your Schertz property is anywhere on your radar in 2018, then you might want to gear up fast.

Spring is quickly approaching, and as any real estate agent can tell you, there’s no better time to put your home on the market.

Why is spring so great for home sales? What is it that makes the season so perfect for selling your property? Here are just a few of the reasons:

1. School’s almost out.
Most parents don’t want to up and move their children in the middle of the school year. They want their kiddos to finish out the semester at their existing campus, and to use the summer downtime to make the move and get the little ones all prepped for their new school. Because of this, spring is prime buying time for parents and families. They want to snap up their dream home before summer hits so that they can use that time to the fullest.

2. Curb appeal is at its best.
You won’t see better curb appeal than in the springtime. Flowers are blooming, grass is green and birds are chirping, and it doesn’t take much to make your house look great for potential buyers. Plant a few colorful gardens, trim your hedges and keep your lawn mown, and you’ll be pulling in bids in no time. Just make sure you tend to any dead areas or weeds that winter may have brought in (see our most recent blog for tips on reviving your lawn, post-winter!)

3. Buyers are at their most competitive.
Spring is the hands-down busiest home buying season there is, and competition is hot. This means buyers have to go the extra mile to get the homes they want. They offer more, negotiate less and give up concessions in order to secure their dream home and outbid another buyer. They’re also more likely to be prequalified – which means a faster and easier closing process on the whole. These are all big wins for you, as the seller.

4. There’s more inventory for you, too.
If you’re on the hunt for a move-up home or a property in another city, you won’t find more inventory than in the spring. Though the market may be a bit more competitive than in other seasons, you’ll have many more options to choose from – and plenty of time to buy the home, move in and prep it before school starts up again in the fall.

5. Appraisals are more on point.
Because homes are selling at higher prices in the spring, it’s more likely your home’s comparables (and subsequent appraisal) will match the sales price you settle on with your buyer. That means less negotiating, a lower chance the buyer pulls out and more money in your pocket. It’s a win in every sense of the word.

6. Days are longer.
Thanks to daylight savings time, the days are longer in springtime. That means buyers have more opportunity to schedule showings, drive by your property and tour your home – even after work and on the weekends. The more time there is for buyers, the better shot you have at selling your property – and faster, too.

7. You’ve got leverage.
Since the spring market is so hot, you’ve got a little more leverage than you would as a seller in other times of the year. You can haggle on price, ask for certain closing costs to be covered, request more earnest money or even turn down offers from buyers you’re just not feeling it from. Because there are so many buyers on the market, you can rest easy that you’ll have a backup bid in no time.

8. Prices and home values are up.
Home prices and valuations are on the rise across the country. That means you’re going to get what you paid for your property – and then some. There’s no telling if this trend will continue later into the year, so capitalizing on these increasing prices now is crucial. Take advantage of the spring market while you can!

Act Now and Sell Your Home this Spring

Do you want to take advantage of the hot spring buying season and all that comes with it? Then it’s time to start prepping your home for sale now. Get in touch with The Claus Team today, and our Schertz area experts will start working on listing, marketing and preparing your home right away – before it’s too late.