Moving is rarely fun. There’s so much to do – packing, boxing, cleaning, setting up utilities, loading up the truck and a million other things – it often seems like the list just never ends.

Though most of those to-dos are unavoidable (they just come with the territory), there is one thing you can do to make your move just a little bit easier: Do it in the summer.

The summer affords you a little more leeway with your move. You can take your time, enjoy the process and soak in those summer rays while packing up your life and start fresh somewhere new. It doesn’t always make moving fun, but it can certainly make moving a little bit easier on your family.

Are you relocating to Schertz, TX in the near future? Here’s why summer is your absolute best bet for a stress-free move:

  • You can take your time getting settled – Moving in the spring, winter or fall always puts you under the gun – especially if you have kids. You’re forced to rush through the process, packing, boxing, moving and unpacking at lightening speeds so you can get the kiddos ready in time for school on Monday. It makes relocating much more stressful. In the summer, you have the luxury of time on your hands. Make your move gradually, unpacking as you have the time and energy. There’s no deadline or due date looming ahead; just relax and take it slow.
  • You get to enjoy the ride – Moving from across the coast? Forget making the drive in 24 hours or less. Use the move as an opportunity to see the country. Make the drive an extended road trip with your family, and stop by the nation’s best sights and landmarks. Who says moving has to be a task? Turn it into a summer vacation! Check out theme parks, restaurants, lakes and famous spots along the way. It will be a trip your whole family will remember for a long time to come.
  • There’s a lot to take your mind off things – Schertz is a great place to be in the summer time. Getting tired of unpacking boxes? Check out the 4th of July Jubilee or one of the area’s many parks. Feeling hot from all that unloading? Head on down to one of the city’s sparkling pools to cool off. In need of a mental break from all the organizing? Take a picnic to Veterans Plaza or feed the giraffes at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. The options are endless.
  • Moving help is more available (and more affordable) – Don’t have the funds for a fancy, professional moving company? Then you chose the right time to move. Local high schoolers are off for the summer, and they’re itching to make an extra buck or two however possible. Enlist a few of your newest teenage neighbors to help with your loading and unloading. They’ll be happy to help – and for a fraction of what the pros would cost.
  • There’s plenty of prep time for school – If you’ve got little ones, summer gives you plenty of time to get the kids settled before school starts up. Let them make a few neighborhood friends, spread out your back-to-school shopping over a few weeks, and get all the registration and prep work out of the way long before August rolls around. They may even have time to get ahead on their class reading lists, depending on when in the summer you move!
  • Days are longer – Summer lets you be extra productive, simply because the days are longer and the sun’s out more. You have more daylight in which to unpack, unload, unbox and organize, and that means your move gets done faster and in fewer days than in other seasons. And who wouldn’t want that?

Another big benefit of moving in the summer is the weather. Though it is a smidge hotter (especially here in Texas), compared to other seasons, you’re much less likely to get delayed by rain, snow, wind or storms this time of year, and that can mean an easier move on the whole.

Make Your Summer Move to Schertz

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