Whether you’re relocating to RAFB, Fort Sam Houston, Camp Bullis or any other military base across the world, one thing is for certain: changes of station are HARD – especially for the wife.

While your husband is busy protecting and serving our country, the bulk of the big, upcoming move falls on your shoulders. All the packing, the organizing, the home research, the paperwork – it’s all your responsibility, and it can get overwhelming fast.

We’ve seen it time and time again, too. Military housewives are stuck managing the entire family’s move on their own, and they get burnt out. Things fall through the cracks. They’re stressed, unhappy and just plain need some help.

Are you finding yourself in a similar spot? Here are a few things that can ease the burden:

Start as early as possible.

The minute you know a change of station is on the horizon, get started. Make a list of all your to-dos, contact your housing office and start readying the family for the big move. Start gathering boxes, packing materials, tape, markers and other items you’ll need to get the ball rolling. This will help you spread out costs as well.

Research your new home.

Do some thorough research on your new place of residence. First, check out the communities surrounding your base, and decide which areas seem best for your family. Be sure to take into account of your housing budget/allotment, the quality of local school districts and other factors.

Also be sure to look at local job markets, if you will be on the hunt for employment, and start checking out doctors, vets and other service providers you’ll need once you arrive. Make a list of fun local spots and eateries for the kiddos, as these will come in handy in the early days when you need a nice break from unpacking.

De-clutter and donate first. Then pack.

Do a little spring cleaning before you even think of packing. Donate old toys and unwanted clothes to Goodwill or the Salvation Army, and throw items you know you’ll never use anymore in the trash. Then, once you have pared down to just the important stuff and valuables, you can start the packing.

Just be sure to leave out items you’ll need before your moving, on the way there and the first few nights after you have arrived. (No one wants to be digging through boxes just to find a toothbrush or clean underwear!)

Stay organized.

As you go about packing and readying for your move, organize as you go. Use colored markers or tape to label boxes by room, and keep any receipts, paperwork or other documents you need in a handy file folder. You want to be able to find what you need, when you need it, without any delays or hassle.

A few items you will for sure want to keep in the folder: shot records (for kids and pets), military records, birth certificates, PCS orders, moving forms, school records.

Start squirreling away a little cash.

Every week, try to set aside a little extra cash to stow away for the move. You’re going to need it for road trip food, random moving expenses and all those pizzas you’ll probably order come move-in day. Having some extra funds set aside can ensure you don’t break the bank on all those little things you might have forgotten.

Find a relocation partner on the other end to help you through.

Connect with a realtor or agency that specializes in military moves in your new town. They’ll have resources that can make your relocation easier and, probably, even more affordable. They can also serve as your surrogate when looking at housing or scouting out a rental, and they can help you through the entire relocation process from start to finish.

Relocating to RAFB? Claus is Here to Help

At the Claus Team, we’re a proud partner with Mil-Homes. Our owner is also a former military spouse, and we work closely with the RAFB housing office, as well as the offices of other military bases in the area. We’ve helped hundreds of military families handle the stress and hassle of relocation and ensured they found a property they loved, could afford and felt right at home in.

If you are relocating to RAFB or another nearby base in the San Antonio area, then call the Claus Team for help. We’re here to make the move easier on you and your loved ones.

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