Summer is one of the best times to sell your home – buyers are out in droves, you can ask a premium price, and sales usually go pretty fast.

There’s only one catch: the kids are home.

How are you supposed to keep your place clean, let alone staged for a showing, with messy little ones running rampant? How will you even get them out of the house when a buyer comes calling?

It may seem like a challenge, but I promise it’s possible. Here are some tips for success:

  1. Have a go-to activity – Showings can crop up at a moment’s notice, so have easy getaways planned for when they do. Is the library or YMCA close by? What about the neighborhood pool? Have a go-bag packed with all your supplies, so you can hit the road as soon as you have warning.
  2. Invest in a few storage bins – It’s pretty much impossible to keep kids neat and tidy -- especially when they’re busy playing with friends or running in and out from the yard. To make quick clean-ups a breeze, get a few large-sized storage bins. When a showing is on the horizon, make a quick pass through the home and throw anything that’s out on the floors, counters or furniture directly into the tub. Put the lid on and stick it under a bed or at the back of a closet. You can go back and put everything up later, once the showing is over.
  3. Stay out of the house whenever possible – To keep your cleaning and tidying duties to a minimum, try to stay out of the house as much as possible. Head to grandma’s house or set up playdates with other parents in the neighborhood. Hit up the pool, playground or Chuck E. Cheese, and take the messy playing on the road. Since summer is such a hot time to buy, you’ll probably only need to bide your time a few days before it’s sold.
  4. Call in a pro – It’s okay to not do everything yourself – especially when you’re busy caring for the kids all day. Consider hiring a professional lawn and cleaning service to do the dirty work. Have them come out once a week to trim up the lawn, clean the bathrooms and just generally spiff up your property. It will take a lot of pressure off you and your littles (and maybe even help it sell faster!)
  5. Set up a clean-up station – Kids track dirt, grass and other messes in from the outside constantly. To prevent this while your home’s on the market, set up a cleaning station outside the back door. It should have towels and wet wipes, spray bottles to rinse off, and shelves for dirty shoes and other messy items.

With the right strategies, not to mention a great agent, selling your home is 100-percent possible -- even with the kids home for the summer. Contact The Claus Team today for help selling your Schertz area property.