Though the outside of your home certainly matters, in the long run, it’s really the inside that counts.

After all, that’s where you’ll spend the bulk of your time – where you’ll eat, sleep, play, study and maybe even work from time to time.

If you want to do all these things enjoyably and comfortably, it’s important you choose a home that has the right features and amenities … and long before you sign those closing papers.

Not sure how to choose your new home’s features? Just consider these factors:

  • Your lifestyle. What’s your daily lifestyle like? Do you work from home? Do your kids need to study for tests and quizzes? Then you’ll probably need a place with an office or library space. Love to cook? Choose a home with a big and modern kitchen – one with the latest and greatest built-in appliances. Listen to music during your family dinners? Then get a place with a built-in audio system. Make a list of all the things you and your household members do daily, as well as all the household features required to do them.
  • Your family’s goals. What are your household’s plans for the future? Are more kids on the horizon? If so, make sure your new place has enough room to grow into. Will you be doing a lot of DIY work? You may want a spacious garage or attic area to store all your tools and supplies in. Do you want to do a lot of entertaining with friends, family or neighbors? Choose a home with a large dining room, family room or game room. Get together with everyone in your household and make sure you’re on the same page about what’s down the road – and what your new home will require to get there.
  • Your financial situation. Certain amenities and features cost more than others. Two stories, for example, are going to cost more to cool and heat than smaller, one-story homes. It’s just a fact. Additionally, things like large yards, swimming pools and even media rooms are going to take up a little more cash to set up, maintain and care for over the years.
  • Your DIY and cleaning skills. How handy are you and other members of your household? Remember older homes require more work and upkeep. You don’t want to go buying a property with vintage fixtures and plumbing (though they’re beautiful) if no one knows how to operate or fix them! Think about the floors, too. Carpet is going to need deep cleaning and vacuuming often. If you’re not big on cleaning or household chores, you may want to opt for a place with tile, where a simple sweep can get the job down.
  • Your weather. Buying a home in a hot climate? Take into account the windows and doors. In the summer, more of these may allow you to let in a breeze, keep your home cool and lower your AC bills. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you probably don’t want too many windows or doors in a cold climate; that means higher heating bills and a colder home overall in the winter.
  • Your furniture. Unless you’re planning on buying all new furniture for your new home, you’ll want to take into account your existing items before purchasing a property. Some furniture will lend itself better to a more spacious, open floor plan, while other types will be better suited for more segmented layouts. Keep your furniture in mind when viewing a home online or touring it in person. If you’re forced to buy more furniture after your purchase, it means even more up-front cash out-of-pocket.

It’s pretty rare to find a home that has every single feature you’re looking for – especially if you’re working within a tight budget or there’s a specific geographic area you want or need to live in. Because of this, you’ll want to make a priority list, essentially ranking your features from most important to least. Then, when you’ve narrowed down your home choices to a few, you can simply work your way down the list. Whichever property has the most top-priority features is the winner.

Get Help

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