There are a lot of places you can live in the U.S. So why would you settle on little old Schertz?

Well, it’s a combination of factors.

For one, Schertz is just a great place to live. With top-notch schools, plenty of activities and amenities, and a prime location next to two of the Lone Star State’s major cities, it’s an ideal spot to put down roots for the long haul.

But another reason to buy property in our great little town? That’d be the local real estate market.

Schertz’s real estate market is more affordable, more in-demand and stronger than a lot of markets across Texas (and the entire nation), and it can ensure you get the most value for your dollars – both as a buyer and later on down the line when it comes time to sell.

Let’s take a look at the market a little more in depth now.

Schertz Real Estate Prices

According to Trulia and, the average home in Schertz is listed at a price of around $260K and sells for just over that – about $261K. That breaks down to about $105 for every square foot of space.

Compared to greater San Antonio and nearby Austin, Schertz’s prices are quite affordable. Average home prices in San An sit around $293K, while Austin’s clock in at nearly $430,000 – nearly double that of a Schertz home.

Though Schertz prices are slightly higher than the state’s average price of $250K, they’re lower than the national average home price, which sat at $275K as of late this summer.

On Schertz homes for lease, rents average just under $1,600 per month. Overall, prices in Schertz have risen slightly since last year. In 2016, the average home was priced in the mid $220,000s at about $100 per square foot.

Broken down by neighborhood, prices have appreciated the most in the Northcliff, FM 1518/I-10 E, Old Wiederstein Road/Dean Road, FM 1518/I-35 N and City Center areas of Schertz. This is great news for local sellers, as it means a bigger return on their original investment.

Schertz Home Sales

Prices aside, Schertz real estate sells fast. According to, the average home sells in just 50 days. That number has remained fairly steady over the last year, and though it’s slightly higher than the 40-day average seen in 2015, it’s way below the average of other Texas cities.

In fact, according to the North Texas Real Estate Information Systems, Dallas homes sit on the market for about 122 days – more than twice the time of a Schertz property. Houston homes take even longer – about 134 days, on average, and at the national level, Zillow shows the average home takes about 76 days on the market before it sells.

It’s no surprise homes fly off the market so quickly in Schertz, though. According to NeighborhoodScout, homeownership is pretty popular in the city. In fact, nearly two-thirds of all Schertz residents own a home, and just 4.9 percent of Schertz properties sit vacant. About 25 percent of residents are renters.

Schertz Properties

Homes in Schertz are largely new. NeighborhoodScout shows that just about half of local houses were built between 1970 and 1999. Another 43 percent were built since 2000, and 8 percent were built between 1940 and 1969. Only a tiny fraction of properties were built pre-1940.

The majority of homes – about 82 percent of them – are single-family properties. A little more than 8 percent are apartment complexes, 7 percent are mobile homes, and just 0.9 percent are townhomes.

Most properties (about 84 percent of them, to be exact) have three bedrooms or more. Just over 11 percent have only two bedrooms. 4.5 percent have one bedroom, and 0.9 percent are studios, without a specific bedroom at all.

Shop in Schertz

Schertz offers a little bit of something for everyone, and its good schools, beautiful landscapes and amazing amenities make it ideal for households of all types and sizes. Throw in its healthy real estate market (which can save you significant time and cash when compared to other state and national markets), and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect home purchase.

Are you ready to house shop in Schertz and take advantage of our booming real estate market? Contact the Claus Team today. Our Schertz experts can help you find a property that meets your budget, needs and preferences today. Call us now to get started.