Showings are one of the most important steps in the home buying process. They’re when you get to see a home in person – typically with your agent – to evaluate its condition, its appeal and, overall, just how it fits in with your needs and preferences.

Because showings are so vital, it’s important buyers come prepared – knowing what to look at, what potential red flags and deal breakers to watch out for and what their priorities are in terms of features, amenities, etc.

Are you currently house hunting and scheduling showings? Here’s what you’ll want to come prepared to do:

  • Look for signs the property has been well-cared for – Does the home look like its owners have taken care of it? Maintained its yard, systems, appliances, etc.? Is it clean and odor-free? Are their signs of mold, doors that don’t open properly or weeds all over the lawn? Buying a home that’s less than well-kempt can cost you seriously upon move-in – both in effort and cash.
  • Have a checklist of must-haves and deal breakers -- Go ahead and jot down your top priorities in terms of features – thinks like a walk-in closet, a kitchen island or a back patio. Then, write down what your absolute deal breakers are – the things you definitely don’t want to deal with for the foreseeable future. As you go from room to room, glance down at your list and make checkmarks next to anything you spot. Do this for each property you see, and it will allow for easier reference once you get home.
  • Check out storage, closet attic space – This is one thing many buyers forget to look at when touring a home – yet it can impact the entirety of the stay on the property if they choose to buy it. Make sure to open up drawers, cabinets and closets to ensure the home is big enough for your needs, and peek in the attic and garage. Not enough storage space will mean renting a unit or donating your belongings – both of which cost you in the end.
  • Walk the lawn, both front and back – Check out both the front and backyards to see what you’re dealing with. Are there lots of weeds, bugs or ant hills? Is there shade for your pets and kids to play in? Is there space for entertaining or a deck or patio to relax on? Are there tons of flowers, shrubs and trees that will need caring for? Make sure you’re prepared to take on that responsibility should you buy the home.

Don’t forget: today’s market is competitive. Though you may not be 100-percent sure a home is right on the first showing, it can’t hurt to put in a bid and come back later. Many homes sell within just days of listing, so time is of the essence. If you think you need a second look to be sure, schedule one right away – before it’s too late. You can always include a home inspection and appraisal contingency to protect you from any issues that might crop up later

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