In honor of Halloween, it’s time to cover something “scary” … more specifically, what can SCARE buyers away when selling your home.

If you’re planning to put your home on the market soon – or it’s already listed – be sure to heed these warnings. Make these common faux pas, and your home may still be on the market NEXT Halloween. Eek!

  1. Not making repairs – Buyers want homes that are safe, beautiful and it great condition. Unless they’re flipping a property, they don’t want to handle a bunch of repairs and renovations the second they move in. If you really want to get a buyer’s attention, handle all repairs and fixes before you list the house. You can even have a home inspector come out and do a pre-sale inspection. Then, if he finds any issues, get those handled before you put the home on the market.
  2. Trying to do it all yourself – Technically, you can sell your house on your own, but should you? Definitely not. A real estate agent can provide invaluable insight and guidance as you put your home on the market, and they can help you price it, market it and find the right buyer. You need their help if you want that home sold fast!
  3. Pricing it wrong – You really have to hit the sweet spot when pricing your home. Price it too high, and buyers won’t even look at it. Price it too low, and everyone will think there’s something wrong with it! A real estate agent can look at local comps and make sure your home is listed at the appropriate price for its market, size and condition. This is crucial to getting buyers and getting them fast!
  4. Using bad photos – Don’t use grainy iPhone photos for your home’s listing. The majority of buyers are going to come from the web – and they’ll need to see high-quality, beautiful photos of a home before they want to tour it. Do yourself a favor and hire a real photographer to take some snaps of your home – both outside and in. You’d be surprised at the huge difference it can make.
  5. Keeping a messy home – Once you list your home, people are going to be coming in and out at all times. It might be hard, but try to keep the place as tidy as possible. Have the kids pick up their toys when they’re done with them, don’t let dishes pile up in the sink, and pick up the yard after the dog does his business. You never know when an unexpected buyer might want to see the place!
  6. Failing to stage the home – Sure, you might be in love with your furniture and home décor, but that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone else well. Consider getting a pro to come in and stage the home, rearranging the furniture, setting out new, trendy décor, and making the home look as awe-inspiring as possible. It may cost a little bit up front, but it will certainly pay off in the end.
  7. Choosing the wrong agent – We talked about not using an agent to sell your home … but what if you just choose the WRONG agent? Well, that can be just as bad. Some agents are better at helping you find homes, while others are better at selling them. Some know your market better than others, and some specialize in luxury properties or other smaller niches. Make sure you choose one who’s the right fit for your home and neighborhood, and don’t be afraid to meet with a couple before deciding on who will represent you.
  8. Neglecting the outdoors – Too many homeowners focus just on the inside when selling their homes. Remember, the outside is what buyers will see first, and it will be that first impression that they remember. Take time to care for your yard, porch, driveway and entryway, and try to make it look clean, pristine and welcoming. Plant flowers, keep the lawn trimmed, and create a festive stoop that makes people want to come in and learn more. You can even add small touches like a new mailbox, custom address numbers or a new door handle. It’s the details that count!

Are you planning to sell your home? Avoid these major mistakes, and you’re on the pathway to success already. Want more help finding buyers and getting the price you want for your property? Contact The Claus Team today. Our expert agents are here to help.