Finding your dream home is hard – especially when there’s not much inventory and tons of hungry buyers chomping at the bit.

Thankfully, technology is here to help. With the aid of dozens of new apps, websites and digital tools, finding a home is now easier than ever – no matter what supply and demand might look like in your area.

Want to make your home search a breeze? Then start using these tools now:

An innovative app that blends photography with home buying, Homesnap gives you instant information about a property all with just a single picture. Just snap a photo of a property you’re passing by, upload the image, and learn about its sales history, square footage, assigned schools, interior features and more. If you like what you see, send the property straight to your agent to schedule a showing. It’s simple, seamless and free.

Want to know all about a community you’re looking in, but don’t feel like interviewing all the neighbors? Dwellr can help. With detailed data on cities, communities and neighborhoods, Dwellr’s sheds light on home values, population, school districts, commute times and dozens of other factors. You can even take a quiz that will help Dwellr recommend the best areas for your household needs and budget. This can streamline the home buying process in just a few clicks.

If you’re curious about a home’s potential, then you need the Houzz app. With an interactive 3D room decorating feature, you can upload photos and drag and drop décor in any room in the house. Get a feel for how your existing furniture will fit in the space, or look at potential color schemes and design styles – all before you buy.

House Hunter
Have trouble making up your mind? House Hunter makes the decision simple. The app helps you keep a veritable scorecard of each potential property on your list. Add notes, upload photos and score more than 80 different individual features on every home you consider. Once you’re done, House Hunter helps you sift through the data to find the best-suited home for you.

Get to know the neighborhood – as well as the businesses and amenities that surround it, using this handy tool. Just open the app when you’re at a showing, and check out the local retailers, restaurants, movie theaters, banks, gas stations and other establishments in your area. You can also look up nearby services like taxis, hospitals and hotels. Make sure the neighborhood offers everything you need before you even leave the car.

Redfin, Trulia & Realtor
These apps all offer easy, filterable home listings via mobile device or tablet. Just enter the zip code or city you’re searching in, add in your price range and other details like number of bedrooms, square footage and age of the property, and you’ll get a narrowed-down list in seconds. Forward your favorites to your real estate agent, and start setting up showings right away.

Mortgage Calculators
There are many versions of these out there, but most function the same. Go ahead and upload one to your phone before you begin your home search. Once you get prequalified for your loan, you can enter in your mortgage rate, the price of any property you look at, your down payment amount, and get a feel for what your monthly payment is going to look like. This is a great way to gauge what properties are – or aren’t – in your price range.

Dictionary of Real Estate Terms
Finding yourself confused about escrow, fixed-rate mortgages, easements and appraisals? This app simplifies all those complicated real estate terms and makes buying a home straightforward and easy to understand. It’s perfect for first-time home buyers and can shed light on every step in the buying and mortgage application process. Keep it on hand in meetings with your loan officer or as you go about showings and tours.

A Qualified Real Estate Agent
Finally, your best and most trusted tool is your real estate agent. Committed and dedicated to your success, they will stop at nothing to help you find the home of your dreams. Make sure to find one who specializes in the exact area you’re looking for, and give them all the detail of your household needs, budget and preferences. They’ll point you toward the homes best suited to your needs.

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