When you’re preparing to make a military move, you’ll probably look to your base’s transportation office, other military friends who’ve moved, or military-specific websites for tips and tricks.

But did you know there’s another place you can look for great military move information – one that’s free, online and available through any device you want to use?

It’s Pinterest!

That’s right Pinterest isn’t just for DIYers, home decorators, cooks and party planners anymore. It has actually become a pretty detailed hub of information – especially when it comes to subjects around the home and family.

If you’re preparing to make a military move, be sure to consider this unique source to guide you along the way. Here are just a few of the many boards that may be able to help:

  1. PCSing (#1)– A board from the Marine Corps Family Team Building department at MCAS Miramar, this board has everything you need to prep for your big move. There’s advice for packing, guides for finding temporary lodging, handy moving hacks and checklists to keep you on track and in line every step of the way. There are even memes to keep things light when the going gets tough and tips for saying goodbye to friends and loved ones before you leave. It’s a one-stop shop for all things PCS.
  2. PCSing (#2) – Though this board shares its name with the previous one, it’s actually created by the Military Spouse Advocacy Network, which aims to give military spouses the tools they need to succeed and support their families during deployment and active duty. This board has dozens of handy tips and tricks that can help make a military move easier. There are details on basic housing allowances, guides for traveling with pets, advice for meeting new people once the move is complete and even a bucket list to complete before you leave your current station. There’s also a great pin about how to build a PCS binder to keep your family on task during the entire moving process.
  3. Change is in the Air – A board from military wife Helen Schuhardt, this board has some great info for those planning to make a move in the near future. There are printables, so you can create easy, cheap change-of-address cards, there are tips and timelines for making your move smooth, and there’s even advice on filing your taxes after your military move is over. A “10 PCS Lessons” pin also has great info from real-life military families who are just like you.
  4. Moving Tips – Not just for military members, this board by Holly Black has some great info on moving in general. There’s are to-do lists, handy moving hacks, diagrams for packing and loading your car, timelines of what to pack and when, and even a cleaning checklist to heed before you move out. There are also military-specific pins that offer advice on protecting your belongings during the move, making your transition to a new base easier and preparing emotionally for the upcoming move.
  5. Hooah – Though this board is small, it packs a lot of punch. With guides on what to pack, hacks for traveling, tips for overseas movers and advice for simply surviving a PCS, it’s a thorough guide for any military family with a move on the horizon. There are even tricks to help prepare your movers and ensure the big day goes smoothly.
  6. PCS Ideas – This board offers up some pins not seen on the others: tips for moving during winter, advice on helping your kids cope with the move, tricks for saving money during your PCS and a two-month checklist to help you spread out your to-dos. There are even downloadable documents you may need along the way, as well as cautionary tales from real-life military families, so you know what slip-ups to avoid when your move rolls around.

Are you and your loved ones preparing to make a military move in the near future? Then use these handy Pinterest boards to get started on the right track. Are you moving to a military base in the San Antonio or central Texas area? Then contact a real estate agent at The Claus Team today. We can help you and your family find the perfect place for your budget, station and needs, and we’ll even help familiarize you with the area before the big day! Call us now to learn more or to get started.