Looks matter. At least when it comes to selling your home, they do.

Outdated décor, shag carpets and wildly painted walls may give homebuyers pause, while trendier, more pulled-together looks can actually help get your home off the market faster – and maybe even for more than it’s worth.

Do you want to make sure your home doesn’t send buyers running for the hills? Then avoid these big turn-offs before putting your property on the market:

  • Over-minimalism – De-cluttering is crucial before putting your home on the market, but don’t take it to the extremes. Rooms that are barren of décor, color and furniture can seem cold and sterile – the exact opposite of what most homebuyers are looking for. Opt for light or neutral wall colors, lots of light and live plants for décor; these will give the house a more “homey” feel.
  • Converted garages – Unless you live in a city where most people don’t drive themselves or even own a car, then your garage is important. Homebuyers want a safe, secure place to park their vehicles, not to mention a storage area for all their overflow of belongings (and holiday stuff!) Though you may think you’re upping your home’s appeal by turning a garage into a fourth or fifth bedroom, you’re actually taking away from it. Leave your garage as-is or, if you really want to up the ante, install a work bench or tool rack. Make your garage a selling point, not a detractor!
  • Overdone landscaping – Everyone wants some curb appeal, but too much? Well, that can be a turn-off, too. Too many trees, flowers, bushes and foliage not only mean more physical work and maintenance for the new buyer, but they can also house bugs and pests, too, and no one wants to deal with that in a new home. Keep landscaping clean, simple and easy-to-maintain.
  • Too-bold walls – No one wants to buy a house that’s just going to take three weeks of painting work to get in order, so avoid too-bright or too-bold wall colors whenever possible. Your best bets in terms of wall color are light greys, blues, and off-white, though tans, pale yellows and other neutrals are also great. You want the homeowner’s belonging to easily mesh with the wall colors without a lot of hassle.
  • Wallpaper – By the same token, wallpaper is another no-no. Most of the time, its bold patterns clash with existing décor and furniture, and even if a buyer is willing to change it or paint the wall, it requires a huge amount of work. Removing wallpaper is no simple feat! Make the next owner’s life easy by sticking to neutral, quick-to-cover paint colors.
  • Gold accents and fixtures – Gold tends to be too bright for most homeowners’ tastes, giving off an opulent, almost 80s-style feel and clashing with most wall and furniture colors. Brushed nickel and steel are a more palatable accent material where possible – especially on door handles, faucets and other standard fixtures.
  • Carpeting – Carpet flooring is a turn-off for several reasons. First, when it’s in a pre-owned home, it often grosses people out. Who knows what previous owners were like in terms of cleanliness. What’s been spilled on the floor over the years? What messes have kids and pets made on it? Just thinking about the carpet’s long history is enough to send buyers running. Many buyers are also worried about the upkeep. Carpets are a haven for dirt, dust and allergens, and they require regular vacuuming and steam-cleaning. That’s something not every buyer is ready to commit to.
  • Builtin shelving – You might think that built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf is a selling point, but it’s actually anything but. Though storage space is certainly important to most buyers, built-in storage solutions are very inflexible, and they don’t give buyers the ability to organize, arrange and store their items the way they really want to. Buyers want options, and built-ins don’t offer that!

You don’t have to invest in professional home staging or hire an interior decorator in order to sell your home. Simply clean it, declutter it, and make sure you’re not committing any of these deadly decorating sins.

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