Moving is already difficult, but throw in a couple of kids and it gets even harder. They throw tantrums, leave messes in their wake and sometimes just get in the way of productivity on moving day.

Is there a moving day in your future? Do you want to make sure your kids are occupied, having fun and maybe even helping? We’ve got a few tips that can help:

  1. Make it a game or competition – If you’ve got more than one child, you can easily make moving a game or even a competition. During packing, challenge each child to pack the most boxes in an hour or, if you’re worried about how haphazardly they’ll do this, maybe even who can pack the neatest box! You can also have box decorating contests if your little ones are artsy. Be sure to have a prize ready for the winner!

    If you’re actually physically moving things in and out of the house, try a different game: Give your children flashlights and charge them with directing you and your helpers to and from the moving truck – kind of like they do for planes pulling onto the runway! This will be helpful when you’re holding boxes or bigger items that block your vision, and it will also get your kids’ imaginations working – something they desperately need on a boring day like moving day!

  1. Use music – No matter what stage you’re at in the moving process – packing, loading or even driving to your new home – music can make it infinitely more fun for your kiddos. During the packing stages, put on some tunes that your kids can sing along to as they clean their rooms, load up their favorite toys and close up boxes. When actually moving, put more active music on – songs that encourage dancing and moving around. This will get them motivated to pick up a box or bag and join in! When it’s time to hit the road, consider making a personalized road trip playlist just for your family. Fill it with songs everyone loves, and make your trip one long sing-along.
  1. Build box forts – If your kids are too little to help much with packing or moving, but you still want them occupied while you do the dirty work, set aside a few boxes for them to play with. Task them with creating their very own box fort using the cardboard, paper or even blankets you have around the house. This will likely keep them entertained for hours while you and your helpers are packing, moving and loading up the van.
  1. Plan road games – Long road trips can get boring for kids; there’s so much sitting still and staring out the window! If you’ve got a lengthy ride ahead of you, go ahead and plan some games for the road. I Spy and the license plate game are always classics that work for all ages, or you can even bring along paper to play tic-tac-toe or hangman. There are also books you can buy with loads of crossword puzzles, word searches and other fun items to keep the kiddos occupied for a few hours in the car.
  1. Surprise them – Another cool way to get your kids motivated to help in the moving process is to hide little surprises throughout the home. Put them at the bottom of a dresser drawer, so once they’re done packing up their clothes, they get a little treat. Add something to the bottom of an empty box, so the next time they go to grab one, a fun prize awaits them. You can even put surprises in the moving van, your car or in your new home, or you can make it a scavenger hunt, and give each child a list of the items you’ve hidden. This will motivate them to get to work and find them all! Some good options for prizes? Try stickers, candy, bouncy balls, yo-yos and other small toys – things they’ll like but won’t keep them distracted for too long.

Moving is hard enough without kids, but if you’ve got little ones in the house, don’t fret. There are definitely ways to get them involved, keep them occupied and even make them bona fide assets during the moving process.

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