If you’re going to sell your home, the summer’s the time to do it. Widely known as the busiest homebuying season of the year, summertime offers the perfect storm for sellers – and often, it can mean a house sells fast, and at a higher price than at other points in the year.

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market sometime in the next year? Then you may want to get rolling. Here’s why:

  • There’s more demand.
    What better time to buy a home then when school’s out? With no homework, no after-school baseball practice and no wasting away in the carpool lane, families have more free time to both find and move into a new home in the summer. That’s why once that last bell rings in May, parents flock to the market, looking to buy – and buy fast.
  • Buyers are more motivated.
    Most parents want to buy a home and have moved in by the time their kids go back to school in the fall, so that puts them on a strict schedule when it comes to finding a home. They don’t have the luxury of finding that “perfect” place, nor are they able to spend weeks and weeks negotiating – especially since the typical closing takes around a month anyway! They’re motivated to buy right now, and they’ll do a lot to make sure they don’t have to wait – including pay more than you’re asking for.
  • You can get more money.
    Because demand is so high in the summer, buyers have to differentiate themselves from their competitors. They often up their bids, offer way over the asking price or throw in incentives that keep cash in your pocket during closing. You can almost always bet on a bidding war in the summer.
  • There’s more time in the day.
    Well, not technically, but there are more daylight hours, and that means more time for your agent to market your home, buyers to tour it and for all parties to negotiate. Potential buyers can even look at your home after work on a weekday and still have time catch a little daylight!
  • Your house looks better.
    In the summer, flowers are blooming, the sun is up and the sky is blue, and it’s the perfect setting to buy a home. If you’ve got lots of windows, be sure to open the blinds and shares. The ample natural light will make your home look bigger and more welcoming, too.
  • You’ll sell faster.
    No one wants to wait around months and months to sell their home. For one, it’s a hassle. Keeping your home in tour-worthy condition is hard, and having to get up and go on the drop of dime is quite a headache – especially if you’ve got little ones. Fortunately, due to the high demand, most homes in the summer sell fast … in a matter of weeks or even days. That means less hassle and frustration overall.
  • Rentals are easier to come by.
    Many sellers need to rent before they can find a new home of their own. While this can be hard during the school year and around the holidays, it’s actually quite easy in the summer. Because it’s vacation season, there are tons of short-term rentals available all over the country.
  • Renovations and repairs are easier.
    In the event you need a little extra time to prep your home for market – either through upgrades or repairs – summer affords you a little more time to do so. There’s more daylight, there are no school or extra-curricular requirements taking up your family’s time, and it’s just a little bit easier to get things done.
  • Your home – and its for sale sign – are more visible.
    More people are going to see your home – and know it’s on the market – in the summertime, simply because they spend more time outdoors. The long, sunny days are perfect for jogging, walking the dog or just taking evening drives with the windows down, and that’s when potential buyers will see your home and spark an interest.
  • It’s Almost Summer – Act Now!
    If you’re even thinking about selling your home this year, the time is now to start prepping it. Summer is the ideal time to sell, and if you’re not ready to list by then, you could lose out of valuable time and money. Want help getting your house ready to hit the market? Need assistance finding your next home or rental? Contact the Claus Team today. We’re here to help.