Want your home to sell quickly or above listing price? Need to move out fast and can’t afford two mortgages? Thankfully, today’s market is a seller’s one – with high demand and low inventory.

Still, that doesn’t mean you can throw up your home dirty, disheveled and poorly maintained and expect to make bank on it. If you want a fast, lucrative sale, you’ll need to put in a little effort to oust the competition and make an impression on potential buyers.

Need help doing that? Here are few tips:

Get a seller’s inspection.
You can bet that any potential buyer is going to get a home inspection to ensure your property is safe and acceptable for move-in. If you really want a leg up on other homes on the market, go ahead and get an inspection before you list the property.

A seller’s inspection can reveal important safety concerns or areas that need repair or attention. Make these repairs and fixes first – long before a buyer ever sets foot on the property. This will put your home in prime condition for selling and, as an added bonus, help the sales process go faster as well. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Invest in curb appeal.
You don’t need to spend your entire paycheck doing it, but revamping your curb appeal even just a little bit can certainly help draw in more buyers. If it’s spring or summer, add some flowers, new shrubs or landscaping, and find ways to work in pops of color that are visible from the street. If it’s winter, think about replacing your mailbox, repainting your door or adding a front stoop. These little things can make a big difference for passersby – and in your home’s online listing photos.

De-clutter and de-personalize.
Turn your home into a blank slate that buyers can imagine themselves in. Revert back to neutral palette wall colors, remove personal pictures or artwork, and go ahead and do some spring cleaning in the closets and storage areas. The more spacious and ready for move-in the property looks, the more likely it will appeal to today’s buyers.

Let there be light.
Extra light can make your home look bigger and more expansive than it really is, so find areas where you can add more of it, if possible. Maybe change out that old sconce for a brighter, larger chandelier, or install pendant lighting in your dark and dim kitchen. You can even take out your darker curtains and hang lighter-weight ones that let in more sun during the daytime hours. If you’ve got showings scheduled, be sure to open the windows, too – as long as it’s a nice day.

Selling Your Schertz Home?
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