The year 2016 was a big one for The Claus Team.

Not only did we handle a whopping $20 million in sales, but we also had our hand in nearly 170 real estate transactions across the Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge and greater San Antonio areas.

But while those are certainly some impressive numbers, it’s only going to keep getting better.

The local market holds a lot of potential, and 2016 was only the beginning. In 2017, we expect to make more sales, serve more customers and handle more transactions in general. Just take a look at some of these year-end stats and see the area’s potential for growth yourself:

  • Home prices are affordable – According to statistics, homes in the San Antonio market have risen steadily since 2014. In fact, they’ve gone from a median listing price of less than $250,000 in December 2014 to over $275K in December of last year. Here at Claus, our average sales price was just $190,000 for homes in the Schertz, Cibolo and Garden Ridge communities – a significant savings on other San Antonio markets.
  • Deals are great – In addition to simply having affordable prices, Claus area properties are good deals, too – meaning you get a lot for your money. According to, houses in Selma and Schertz are selling at $102 per square foot. In Universal City, the price per square foot is just $83, and in Converse, it’s $87. Compared to the Texas average of $113 and the San Antonio average of $115, those are deals that can’t be denied.
    It may seem minor, but with interest rates on the rise, every dollar counts. Just think of it this way: With those numbers, a 2,000 square foot home would cost $166,000 in Universal City, $174,000 in Converse and $204,000 in Schertz or Selma. Compare that to an average of $230,000 in San Antonio or an average of $226,000 for the state, and that’s $22K in savings or more. That’s a few years in college, a remodeled kitchen, or even a new car.
  • Homes are selling fast – According to, homes in Schertz are on the market around 50 days. Homes in San Antonio proper stay on the market an average of 85 days, according to Zillow. And while that number is down from recent years, it’s nearly twice that of nearby Universal City, where the average days on market is only in the 40s!
  • Schools are great – Nearly every school listed on for Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge and the surrounding communities is rated at least an 8 or above. As school quality is a huge factor for most homebuying families – particularly those choosing to move in the summertime – it’s no wonder homes in the area are in such high demand.

The numbers don’t lie. Schertz and other neighboring communities are popular with homebuyers for a reason: They offer great properties, at great prices, with great schools and amenities. And those perks are universal, no matter if you’re a first-time buyer, a bustling family of five or even a young, fresh-out-of-college professional.

The Claus Difference

Last year marked some huge milestones for our team, but we’re not stopping there. In 2017, we’re going to work even harder to serve homebuyers in the Schertz, Universal City, Cibolo, Selma and Garden Ridge areas and help them find properties that fit their budgets, meet their needs and just plain make them happy.

Are you considering a move to Schertz, Cibolo, Garden Ridge or any surrounding communities? Then call the Claus Team today. We’ll create a personalized property listing and guide you through the entire homebuying process from start to finish.