Now that we’re nearly a full month into 2016, we can now safely look back at the last 12 months and say this: It was a banner year for us here at Claus.

The Claus Team sold a whopping 79 properties in 2015, many of them (60, to be exact) in the in-demand towns of Schertz and Cibolo, TX.

Some of the more popular neighborhoods we sold in? Those were Savannah Bluff (located in Schertz) and Braewood (located in Cibolo). Both communities have been booming the last few years, given their fairly new properties, their great schools and their prime locations.

The hard work of the Claus Team agents also revealed some other interesting tidbits about the 2015 real estate market for Schertz, Universal City, Converse, Garden Ridge, Cibolo and the surrounding communities. Are you looking to sell in 2016? Is your family considering buying in the area? Here are some of the highlights you might find interesting:

  • The average home spent about 60 days on the market, or a little over 2 months. The median days on market was 42, which is quite short compared to both national and statewide numbers. In fact, according to, the median age of inventory across the country last month was a shocking 94 days – more than double the Claus Team’s local numbers. And in Texas, Zillow says the average days on market is 79, still significantly longer than we’re seeing on our local listings.
  • The average sales price for the area last year was $219,836, while the median price was a bit lower, at $209,900. Again, compared to’s country-wide numbers, which tout a median price of $228,000 for last month, the local market actually came in slightly more affordable. Zillows numbers say the same thing, too; the site says its median sales price for U.S. homes in 2015 was nearly $214,000. Zillow also expects that number to climb even more in the coming year – about 2.6 percent, according to forecasts – so the difference could be even more stark once 2016 comes to a close.
  • Listing price to sales price ratios in the local area hovered right around 99 percent for The Claus Team last year, meaning our agents did an accurate job of pricing homes to sell, while still providing value for both the buyer and the new owners. This is quite a rare occurrence in the real estate world, as most homes go through multiple listing price decreases the longer they’re on the market.
  • The average home sold in the area boasted nearly 2,300 sqaure feet, with each square foot pulling in about $95 each. According to Zillow, the median price per square feet across the country last year was $129 each, meaning more than $30 more per foot. For a 2,300 square foot home, that means a difference of nearly $80,000 – a huge chunk of change for the average American homebuyer!

The numbers say it all, really: The local real estate market is doing better than ever – and so is the Claus Team. Homes are selling at or around their listing prices, and they’re selling quickly, keeping a steady flow of inventory coming in and out of the region. They’re also more affordable on average than those across the state and country, and they’re offering buyers plenty of space for their value.

It’s a win-win kind of market that benefit both buyers and sellers in the area, and it’s one that should be taken advantage of – and fast.


Take Advantage of the Local Real Estate Market Now

Are you looking to buy a home in 2016? Been thinking you’re ready to sell your current property and move on and up to a new house? Now is the time to do it. There’s never been a better time to buy and sell in the area. Mortgage rates are low, demand is high and the market is prime for the picking.

If you’re ready to make a move this year, the Claus Team is here to help. Our local experts know how to properly price your Schertz, Garden Ridge, Universal City or Cibolo TX property to sell – and to sell fast. We’ll help you prep your home, list it, market it and sell it to the right buyer, and we’ll even help you find the perfect new home to make your move to. Contact The Claus Team today to get started. You’re in good hands with our agents!